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GNA Will Soon Announce Liberation of Sirte

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff) The UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) will soon be announcing the end of the battle against ISIS in Sirte, said Presidential Council (PC) spokesperson Ashraf Tulty on Monday. Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous forces have achieved major objectives in their fight “against what (is) so called the …

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Russian Ambassador Discusses Military Strategy with GNA Defence Minister

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff) The Libyan Government’s Minister of Defence, Mahdi Al-Barghathi, received the Russian Ambassador, Ivan Molotkov, in Tripoli on Monday for a meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how Russia can work with the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA)’s initiatives regarding opportunities for …

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UN Calls on GNA to Crackdown on Mistreatment of Refugees in Libya

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff) A recent report released by the United Nations said that Libya’s fragile security and justice system has put refugees traveling through Libya to get to Europe in grave danger. The UN also called on the Libyan Government to act with urgency to rectify the situation …

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